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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Web Analytics and Me....

If you own a website - be it an amateur personal endeavour or a professional money-making machine - you must have often wondered who have visited your site, where they came from and how long they have been there? Legitimate questions. I often asked myself the same when I built my first site, with no knowledge whatsoever, of how to look at server logs and decipher some meaning out of them.

Then, of course, realization dawned upon me. I have matured over the years - from being an ignorant fool to an enlightened soul - as the art of web anlytics has evolved.

To many, and website is a subtle marketing tool and to a few, website stats is a mere gizmo which they proudly display at the footer of their personal pages to let the world know how many - and in most cases, how few - people have visited their personal pages on the internet.

To me it is more than is an artform as well as my breadearner. Being associated with the web analytics industry for a while now, everyday I am exposed to fascinating data and fascinating new technology. Here dutifully I wish to share some of that with you - the community, the latest buzzword of the cyberdom!

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